Tribute to Tony

Anthony Lee

Tony was the driving force behind the project to save the White Lion for the village. In his position as a Parish Councillor he ensured that the pub was registered as an Asset of Community Value. When the building was threatened with demolition and development he was a founder member of the campaign to ‘Save the White Lion’ and worked extremely hard to battle the plans.

Here is an interview with Kyle Zabawa recorded in 2017.

He never gave up hope that the pub could be rescued and the day that it was ultimately purchased by the newly formed White Lion Community Pub company brought him great joy.

Tony had a special way with words and acted as the spokesman for the group as well as ‘chairing’ shareholder meetings. Here is a link to an interview with Michelle Daniels of Radio Stoke.

Tony’s optimism and tenacity kept the project going. He vowed to step back from his leading role once he had his first pint in the newly reopened pub. Sadly since his passing this cannot happen and he is sorely missed.

However he is fondly remembered; we will regularly raise a glass to him and keep a place for him at the bar!

Cheers Tony for all you did for the pub and the village