Future Plans

‘Be part of it’ …..

If you have any suggestions for future fundraising events don’t hesitate to contact us on this site.


Construction of the ‘shell’

Building work will continue in May with 3 teams of bricklayers booked for the 4th.

Some remedial works to do with the upstairs floor will also take place.

New bespoke windows will be made.

Please note that the building site is a ‘Closed Site’ while work takes place. Admittance is by special arrangement only.


Discharge of conditions on approved plans

Details of the proposed venting system for the kitchen are awaiting approval by Cheshire East. The exterior colour of the render, colour of the window frames and the restoration of the roof are also given in the application for the discharge of conditions. Planning reference 21/0925D

Variation of condition 1 on approved plans

A new application was submitted to Cheshire East relating to the proposed extensions and alterations. Permission has been granted and so the next few weeks should see the contractors back on site.
For more details go to planning reference 20/4123N.



Planning ref. 19/2029

You can view the plans here.

The building regs. documents have been approved and phase 1 of the renovation is well underway. This includes the installation of a new water treatment plant and drains. Phase 2 will see the building stabilised with new steels and work on the roof. The extension at the rear of the building will also be part of this phase.

The intention is to repair, extend, refurbish and reopen as a Community Pub which will not only operate as a traditional village pub but also serve as a centre for other community services. activities and groups.