Please note that the building site is a ‘closed site’ while the construction work takes place. Please do not go to the site without prior arrangement

September 2021 – New Planning Application 21/4884N

Plans have been submitted to Cheshire East to cover all the changes to the premises. You can view the application here.

Please support the application and give the pub the best chance of a profitable. future.

Wires galore – September 18th

The shareholders were given access to the inside of the pub this weekend and were able to see the new layout as well as the vast amount of work which has been carried out this month. Wiring for power. lights. fire alarms were very much in evidence. Plumbing for both upstairs and down has been installed. New internal walls have been built, insulated and boarded in readiness for plastering.


There will be disruption on the Green while a new drain is installed. The trench will run near the south side of the pond and the track across the Green will be out of use for a short period. The work will commence on September 8th and for safety reasons the public are advised to keep clear of the area.

Interesting petition from Long Live the Local

They say :- ‘Most of us recognise that pubs and brewing are essential to our economy, to our social lives, and to our communities, yet over the past twenty five years taxes have increased to the point where pubs and breweries find themselves overtaxed and under genuine pressure.

Things need to change, and that is what Long Live The Local is asking for. We are asking for investment to allow pubs and breweries to grow. In return, through sector growth we will create stronger and more connected communities, local investment, jobs and a thriving industry to be proud of.

If you want to support the petition click here.

August 2nd – 6th – Solar array almost completed so some scaffolding at the rear can come down. Surfaces for the flat roof sections have been worked on. Attempts to clean off old paint from the front and gable ends commenced.

July 19th – 30th Another period of great progress. The new mains water connection was completed and many of the internal walls have been prepared for insulation to be fitted.

The installation of the solar panels has commenced and will continue next week.

July 12th – July 16th The entire roof is nearing completion and the chimneys have been pointed in lime mortar.

The electricians have been very busy with the first fix downstairs and there is evidence of wiring for outside lights.

July 5th – July 9th Its been a good week for chimneys and fireplaces. The chimney stacks have been rebuilt /repointed New fireplaces ( plus flues ) have been completed. We now have 4 working fireplaces so the pub should be super cosy in winter!

The roofers have almost completed the rear of the property and electricians have started the ‘first fix’.

June 28th – July 2nd More progress on roof and the rebuilding of the middle chimney

June 14th – don’t worry – the project is paused while James Shenton and his team fulfil an obligation to another client which has been in their diary for some time. We hope to welcome them back in a couple of weeks.

June 9th – another busy day felting and adding roof timbers to extension

June 7th – its all go on the roof today

June 4th – arched windows at the rear

June 2nd – lots of changes both inside and out

More images in the ‘photos’ section

May 20th – scaffolding and flat roof construction

May 12th – onwards and upwards

May 7th – What a difference in 4 days (since bricklayers arrived on May 4th)


April 28th – Pouring the new Ground Floor


April 14th 2021 – Excellent news – building work restarts

Builders (Kirk Shenton Homes) are on site and have been busy preparing the floor for the pouring of the concrete on April 28th


Application for discharge of conditions – February 2021

The application for the discharge of conditions associated with the latest planning approval have been submitted to Cheshire East. Details (particularly of the venting system) can be viewed using this link.